Tähän kohtaan noitayrtit-miniteemaa piti tulla L’Artisanin Fou d’Absinthe. Ei tule, ainakaan nyt. Syy:

To: info@artisan-parfumeur.com

Dear Lovely People at L’Artisan,

I was overjoyed to receive two beautiful discovery coffrets from L’Artisan.

But I’m completely miffed with the bottles.
1. They are sealed with folio. They cannot be resealed or closed although they contain quite a lot of precious perfume (enough for at least a week).
2. When you apply perfume from the bottles, the bottle gets wet. So do my fingers.
3. I tried sellotape to reseal the bottles. Alcohol is a solvent, the bottle is wet, the tape won’t work.
4. The bottles are round-bottomed. You can’t put them on the table. When wet, they are too slippery to put back on the tray.
5. After some struggling I left the bottle on its tray covered with the remains of the folio seal and some unsticky sellotape.
6. By the next day, the lovely top notes of my beautiful Mûre & Musc Extrême had completely evaporated. What remains is Zero & Musc.
7. Now I’m too scared and disappointed to open any further L’Artisan samples.

I’m a collector of niche perfumes. Every other company I know of uses either small glass vials or small plastic or glass atomizers (the last one is my favorite).

I love Mûre & Musc Extrême, but the sample was spoiled overnight. Now I am too afraid to open any other sample bottles.

Is there a way to reseal them? How should I proceed?

Nicholay Vassilyevich Gogol, Esq.